Art Shed

2020 | Art Studio, North Egremont, MA

The private art gallery, artwork storage, and studio: many functions packed into 1612 square feet shed roof structure.
The shape of the building is a nod to a vernacular agricultural building type.
The central feature of the gallery is a 40 feet long fiberglass skylight that provides diffused light and thermal and UV protection.
The 16 feet tall north wall is sized to accommodate the artist’s larger canvases comfortably. The interior is lined with an additional layer of plywood beneath the gypsum for ease of displaying the artwork.
The narrow windows strategically placed at the corners allow a side-line glance of the landscape surrounding the building.
The windows frame the functions contained in the building, while the building itself “brackets” the artist’s practice. The artist paints on linen canvas using the “frottage” technique over the bark of the various three species. The canvases are left on the trees for one to two years while the layers of paint are applied. The workshop (equipped with an overhead door) is used to prepare the canvases before taking them outside and stretching them when they come back. The gallery space is used to store and easily showcase the paintings or compose exhibits.