The Art Shed

2021 | Private Art Gallery, Artwork Storage, and Studio, Great Barrington, MA

The private art gallery, artwork storage, and studio: many functions packed into a 1612-square-foot shed roof structure. The shape of the building is a nod to vernacular agricultural shed types. The central feature of the gallery is a 40 feet long fiberglass skylight that evenly provides diffused lighting as well as thermal and UV protection.


Catamount Cabin

2020 | Private Residence, Hillsdale, NY

This 1680-square-foot house is built using the CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) log wall system that combines ancient and modern technologies to create an energy-efficient, airtight, and breathable exterior enclosure. The logs are imported from Finland, where they are manufactured with a technology that combines smaller pieces of wood, so they’re more stable, and you get cleaner lines.


The Green Houses

2019 | Residential Development, Great Barrington, MA

The small residential development is an excellent example of an urban infill project taking advantage of the neglected site. Developers initially conceive them as a co-housing community. The project is comprised of three 2023 square-foot timber-framed cottages that are located on the riverfront at the center of town.


Turn Park

2017 | Contemporary Sculpture Park and Visitor Center, West Stockbridge, MA

Situated on 16 acres of a former quarry in the town of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Turn Park Art Space boasts a unique and diverse landscape. There are hills, meadows, a lake, and a 65-foot cliff offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

DK T_S Front.jpg

The Hudson Studios

2015 | Tony Thompson / Margaret Saliske Studio, Hudson, NY

This studio and residence for two artists is set in the context of a historic neighborhood in Hudson, NY. The project was conceived as two separate volumes, detailed and articulated according to the specific requirements of each artist. The design process resulted in two structures of similar mass but with distinctly different characters that echo the personalities of their respective inhabitants.

DK KB 01.jpg

Pool Terrace

2015 | Pool and Pool Terrace, Harlemville, NY

This series of new concrete walls define a cascading terrace and connect the existing building to the surrounding landscape. Taking advantage of a comfortable microclimate created by the structure's wing walls, the first terrace expands the interior of the building establishing the new outer limit or an "outdoor room."

PR SO 13.jpg

The Factory Studio

2014 | Artist Studio and Gallery, Housatonic, MA

Originally constructed in the 1890s, this former textile mill was recently converted into a residence with a studio space and private gallery. This 14,000-square-foot historic building is located in the heart of the Revitalization District of the town of Housatonic, MA.


Fairview Lane

2013 | Addition and Remodeling, Hillsdale, NY

The original structure of this home was built in 1970 as part of a series of Scandinavian-themed, ranch-style homes. The addition and remodeling presented comfortable function out of dilapidation. The house was abandoned for years preceding this renovation, resulting in structural concerns. A few unfortunate changes during the original construction made for awkward, barely usable spaces. 


Lakeside Cabin

2012 | Private Residence, Lake Mahkeenac, Stockbridge, MA

This Contemporary 1,500-square-foot residence is built on a footprint of the deteriorated 1920s cottage. The structure features an energy-efficient envelope and a radiant floor heating system. Taking advantage of solar exposure and beautiful views, the building seamlessly integrates interior and exterior spaces. The raised terrace allows residents to enjoy the proximity to the lake with a greater degree of privacy.