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The Factory Studio 

2014| Artist Studio and Gallery, Housatonic, MA

Originally constructed in the 1890s, this former textile mill was recently converted into a residence with a studio space and private gallery. This 14,000-square-foot historic building is located in the heart of the Revitalization District of the town of Housatonic, MA.... read more

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The renovation of this historic building was challenged with a unique condition. A fire in the 1990s had destroyed a large part of the structure; leaving the north side of the three-story brick edifice completely open to the exterior at the ground level. This presented a great opportunity to incorporate daylight into the design and provide thermal protection to improve the energy performance of the building.

Providing the optimal amount of daylight and desired privacy, the opal-colored polycarbonate panels contrast nicely with the existing brick structure. The panels were also designed to playfully echo the rhythm of the fenestrations above, interrupted by the sliding door openings and framed with corten steel siding and fascia.

The translucent panels evoke a feeling of “solid” light.  The painting studio is lit with natural light during the day.  At night, illumination spills from the interior into the garden. The polycarbonate panels also create a beautiful background for an eclectic collection of found objects and paintings by the owner.

Photography by Paul Rocheleau

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