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Farview Lane

2013 | Addition and Remodeling, Hillsdlale, NY

The original structure of this home was built in 1970 as part of a series of Scandinavian-themed, ranch-style homes. The addition and remodeling presented comfortable function out of dilapidation. The house was abandoned for years resulting in structural concerns and a few unfortunate changes during the original construction resulted in awkward, barely usable more

The walkout basement was cut off from the rest of the house, and one of the original rooms had a sharply sloping low ceiling. A structural ridge beam was installed to create a large open space with a vaulted ceiling, supported on one side by a structural post in the exterior wall and on the other by a “feature” wall. The “feature” wall was made with locally sourced mushroom wood and screens the kitchen from the entryway. This provides a visual anchor for the stairs leading to the lower level.

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