Hudson Studio

2015 | Tony Thompson / Margaret Saliske Studio, Hudson, NY

This studio and residence for two artists is set in the context of a historic neighborhood in Hudson, NY. The project was conceived as two separate volumes, detailed and articulated according to the specific requirements of each artist. The design process resulted in two structures of similar mass but with distinctly different characters that echo the personalities of their respective inhabitants.


Each building is a self-sufficient structure responding to the particular artistic process and personal needs of its artist. Bridging  the two volumes is a negative  space containing a kitchen, dining room and covered outdoor terrace. This space between provides an intimate setting for social interaction, contrasting with the dramatic individual work spaces.


The building is a subtle meditation on the inherent tension between the personal space necessary for artistic creation and a desire for connection.

Designed with the Passive House standard as a guide, this artist studio and residence features exterior walls constructed with Insulated Concrete Forms, triple glazed fiberglass windows, a “rain-screen” siding, an energy recovery unit for ventilation and a high efficiency gas boiler providing  radiant heat.