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Mt Washington

2013 | Residential Renovation, Mt Washington, MA

This restoration of an early twentieth-century residence integrated modern efficiency into historical design. The constricting layout of the old design and subsequent remodeling was transformed into a more spacious and naturally lit more

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The entire interior was gutted, allowing for the reorganization of movement through the house. The new flow was accomplished by removing spatial divisions, allowing for more direct routes between, the kitchen, stairs, living, and dining room. This reinforced the central function of the stairs, connecting all three levels by spiraling up the middle of the house. The old interior finishes for the original beams, columns, stonework, and paneling were preserved. Another feature of historic character was the rehabilitation of the existing wrap-around porch. The columns and stone pedestals were inspired by the original design after structural failure had left no opportunity for preservation. Closing the porch in screen allowed for seamless expansion of downstairs rooms.

Photography by Lisa Vollmer

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