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Pool House

2010 | Residential Renovation, North Egremont, MA

The infinity pool and accompanying pool house are the fulfillment of a dream set in motion over a decade ago. In 1998 the client built a French chateau-inspired house up the hill and simultaneously cleared the area of the plateau for the eventual pool more

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To complete the vision, the pool house borrowed traditional rural French chateau decorative motifs from the main house. These are the stone base, stucco walls, and slate roof, as well as the general shape and proportions of the building. The interior is conceived as a cavernous cathedral ceiling to host large gatherings. The pool side of the building opens up with large-scale sliding doors and a wall of glass with glazed corners that widens the view from the living room. The original inspiration for the location was a direct line of sight from the pool house beyond the infinity pool to a view of Housatonic valley. The sequence of spaces from the living room through the covered terrace to the pool deck cascade along the view line to naturally align the visual and functional experience down the same pathway.

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