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Saltbox Addition

2022 | Private Residence and Garage, Stockbridge, MA

The addition to this traditional farmhouse utilized the existing footprint for the new garage and primary bedroom. The design is a New England agricultural “saltbox” shape, where one side of the roof is longer than the other, reminiscent of the slope of local Taconic mountain more

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Both new volumes create an intermediate between the existing barn and farmhouse; the choice of paint color reinforces this by being a shade between the two. The roof slope of the existing front porch and dormer was extrapolated to create a coplanar roofscape between the garage and primary bedroom addition, linking these separate elements. Utilizing the language of industrial space, the garage interior has a coated slab, exposed concrete walls, and diffused lighting from Kalwall skylights, creating an efficient, inviting space. Extensive renovations were done on the interior, including dropping the living room floor to allow more headspace. The walls were wrapped in an exterior layer of mineral wool insulation behind the rainscreen wood siding for sound and energy protection.

Photography by Lisa Vollmer

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