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The Green Houses

2019 | Residential Development, Great Barrington, MA

The small residential development is an excellent example of an urban infill project taking advantage of the neglected site. Developers initially conceived of them as a co-housing community. The project is comprised of three 2023-square-foot timber-framed cottages that are located on the riverfront at the center of more

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The buildings are organized in a radiating pattern, interconnected with gardens and rock paths and facing the view of the river and downtown Great Barrington. The design of the cottages and integral patios is balancing the need for privacy with the sense of space as a shared public resource. The interior layout provides ample space for cooking with friends and socializing in a large central area that combines the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. The gable-end design of the buildings echoes the simplicity of agricultural barns while providing the comfort afforded by modern energy-efficient construction and mechanical systems. The timber for the structural frames was locally sourced and milled. The kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are fabricated using local white-washed ash.

Photography by Daniel Karp

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