Turn Park

2017 | Contemporary Sculpture Park and Visitor Center, West Stockbridge, MA

Situated on 16 acres of a former quarry in the town of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Turn Park Art Space boasts a unique and diverse landscape. There are hills, meadows, a lake and a 65-foot cliff offering breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape... read more


The Gate House Visitor Center contains a small indoor gallery, gift shop and visitor check in. The sculptural structure was conceived by Moscow based sculptor / architect Alexander Konstantinnov and was executed in collaboration with Art Forms Architecture principal Grigori Fateyev.


The building unfolds with a dream like sequence of phenomenological moments hovering somewhere between memories and metaphors. The massive stucco doors at the entry part ways to let the path of marble stones (sourced from the site’s abandoned quarry) flow into the park. The walls of the building embrace and frame the exposed marble bedrock while at the other end of the building a cantilevered steel stair beckons visitors to the roof terrace. The glass bridge  leads across a gap slicing through the building to the roof scape shaped like a gentle hill and covered with wild flowers. The visitor is allowed to fully experience every side and every element of the building.