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"The Disappearing House" - Upstate House Magazine, Summer 2022

"HILLSDALE — Although Fateyev has designed numerous other residential properties, his notable work on arts facilities, such as the TurnPark Art Space in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and artists Tony Thompson and Margaret Saliske's studio in Hudson, came into play while devising Catamount House's unobtrusive interior.

'When I first started studying architecture, I was more interested in theatre design,' says Fateyev, who was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and attended Cooper Union. 'But after going through the unique curriculum that I studied, I realized the eye is perpetually aware, so with art spaces i understood that the best ones are the ones that fade away when you install the art in them. I saw that with this house the idea was that the 'art' is the environment that surrounds the house, and so we wanted to guide the eye to that. We designed the house specifically for the site. It's perched on a knoll, and the landscape around it falls away, so it feels like sitting on a little mountain. When it rains, the position and flow of the metal fascia and scuppers next to some of the windows make it feel like you're looking out through a waterfall."




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