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FLOW / FLUX / FOLD Liane Nouri / Jaanika Peerna


3D drawings and paintings

May 25, 2019 - October 31, 2019

Opening May 25th, 2019 3-6 pm

Continuing with the theme of landscapes, TurnPark Art Space presents an exhibit of two contemporary artists who approach this topic very differently. In the process of creating their artwork, both artists push beyond the confines of the surface: their paintings and drawings engage the space, blurring the edges between color, shadow, line, plane.

As light refracts in the atmosphere, the resulting colors of the landscape do not stop and start along well-defined lines, but rather fold and twist around each other. Liane Nouri’s paintings have rigid physical edges: each is a series of identical standard boxes. The subject of the paintings, however, is the elusive continuity of color-scape inspired by the vistas of Hudson Valley.

In her 3D work, Jaanika Peerna draws on the power of markings to accumulatively evoke the forms of a complex natural phenomenon: the flow of water, melting of ice, drifting of fog, breaking of waves. The mylar artwork, freed from the two-dimensional surface erases the distinctions between drawing, sculpture, line, and shadow. The viewer is invited to enter the ever-shifting landscape of Peerna’s work, to be enveloped in it.

Grigori Fateyev, RA curator/architect

More about the design of TurnPark Art Space:



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