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BAC Residency at Chesterwood

Grigori Fateyev, the principal of Art Forms Architecture, has been accepted into Berkshire Art Center’s residency at Chesterwood. The site features the home and studio of the sculptor Daniel Chester French. Designed by Henry Bacon, Chesterwood is a Historic Artists' Homes and Studios program member.

A core focus of Grigori Fateyev’s work is spaces designed for creating and exhibiting artwork—specifically, collaborating with artists on the designs for their studios to incorporate functions particular to their individual processes. There appears to have been a similar relationship between the work of Daniel Chester French and Henry Bacon in the vision and execution of French's studio at Chesterwood. The deliberate approach to space in the overall design hints at a distinctive creative process. Grigori Fateyev aims to delve into Chester French and Henry Bacon's studio design process, examining the studio, the surrounding garden, and their relationship to the broader landscape. His residency will focus on analyzing the decisions that shaped the layout, investigating the construction

methods, and employing artistic language to illustrate contextual references.

Grigori Fateyev’s continual artistic interest is in constructing and extruding, using geometry, “environmental objects” (buildings, follies, sculptural forms, constructed scapes) that fill narrative gaps in the landscape, welding together form and function to complete the story.

The process by which these objects are developed is documented with the architectural language of plans, sections, models, and renderings, resulting in the interconnected body of work reflecting various aspects of the project. Multiple mediums (hand drafting, painting, printmaking, plaster models) are often driven by the project's particular needs to illustrate how one perceives the space contained or inscribed by the geometry.




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