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ECHOS Kathleen Jacobs paintings and site-specific outdoor installation

TurnPark Art Space

May 18, 2019 - October 31, 2019

Opening on May 18th, 2019 3-6 pm

The natural landscape that surrounds us is the result of epic battles between the elements. Our ancient ancestors recognized these forces at play and in mythopoetic language captured the essence in story and symbol. In almost every culture the origin story involves forces of nature. Water in particular. Kathleen’s paintings have a quality of presence that recognizes the unifying flow that connects the trees, roots in the earth, wind, rain, clouds, sky and human experience.

Taking advantage of a unique setting, ECHOS juxtaposes the process of creating the work and the resulting finished paintings. Kathleen brings the exhibit out from the confines of a gallery into the space of the park and unfolds it like a tapestry. A constellation of canvas fragments draws the observer’s gaze from one place to another, creating a unique geometry, calling attention to specific segments on the trunks of the trees. She collaborates with the trees, taking what they offer and the process of creation becomes an installation in itself.

As Kathleen focuses on the micro scale of the landscape – for example, tree bark texture – she reveals the macro scale of the dynamic flow of patterns that surround us. ECHOS brings forth the notion that resonates in many myths: everything is interconnected. We are surrounded by the continually unfolding terrain of an origin story.

Grigori Fateyev, RA curator/architect

“The Origin Story”, 2019

The works on view are from the artist's private collection and made available with the generous support of the Jim and Kathleen Jacobs and TurnPark Art Space.

More about the design of TurnPark Art Space:



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